Vitaliano Pancaldi since 1947

The company’s founder, Vitaliano Pancaldi, was born in Bologna in 1928.

He was only 17 years old when the American armed forces entered and occupied the city in April 1945. He met an American officer and not only became his personal guide, but also a true point of reference. In fact, when the soldiers needed new clothing, Vitaliano began looking for people qualified to make shirts and ties, and who could bring a very small workshop to life in the heart of Bologna.

Vitaliano married Caterina at the age of 25, and this is where their adventure in the world of fashion began.

From the very start, from that small boutique he had named “Pancaldi Chic“, Vitaliano had a clear vision: the raw materials had to be the best, the designs exclusive.

This approach allowed the Pancaldi couple to successfully participate in the very first trade fairs dedicated to prêt-à-porter fashion, and within a few years of the company’s creation, attract the attention of the large department store, NEIMAN MARCUS.

Following this fortuitous meeting, Vitaliano’s products finally reached America: his success there was immediate, so much so that customers begin to use the words “signature” and “masterpiece” to describe his ties.

From that moment on, the company’s growth and fame were unstoppable, its products were exported overseas and the brand name was first transformed into “Vitaliano Pancaldi“, then simply “Vitaliano“.

Thus in the early 1950s, when Italian fashion was still taking its first steps, Vitaliano ties could already be found in the best shops around the world.

His great love for silk, his impeccable taste, and Caterina’s support all inspired the production of original, timeless ties, followed by bow tiesclutchesbeltshandkerchiefsscarves and shirts for both men and women, all entirely handmade in Italy.

An absolute mastery of combining colors is the unifying theme in all of their garments, which are still characterized by the know-how that Vitaliano successfully passed on to his granddaughter Leda Ziosi, currently at the helm of the company.

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