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Vitaliano Pancaldi

In the early 1950s, when Italian fashion was still to be invented, Vitaliano Pancaldi’s ties began to be sold in the best shops all over the world. This success came from his passion for fabrics, his impeccable taste and the support of his wife Caterina, at his side in his every choice.

Vitaliano Pancaldi, founder of the company, had clear ideas from the beginning: the raw materials had to be the best, the designs exclusive. His great love for silk inspired the production of original and timeless ties; bow ties, pocket squares, headbands, handkerchiefs, scarves and shirts soon followed, and all were dedicated to both men’s and women’s fashions and entirely handmade, from the cut to the packaging.

Vitaliano Pancaldi, ties since 1947
Vitaliano Pancaldi, ties since 1947

Since 1947

The particularity of the designs makes the products immediately recognizable, iconic, capable of transmitting their uniqueness to those who know how to choose and wear them.

The prints recall geometric motifs of art deco or liberty inspiration, floral, baroque and paisley patterns and pictorial references ranging from Matisse to Erté and Mondrian.

The absolute mastery of the color combinations, which characterizes the brand, reigns supreme thanks to the know-how that Vitaliano has been able to convey to his granddaughter Leda Ziosi, now head of the company.

Some pieces reach the value of authentic works of art, such as jewel ties sprinkled with crystals, and are exhibited in a large 200 square meter showroom in the center of Bologna, at the foot of the two towers, together with the most current collections.

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Vitaliano, cravatte in seta dal 1947